Leave it to Homebeaver

Homebeaver puts the power to control your home’s water in the palm of your hand. You simply set up your account, then let Homebeaver handle the rest. Over time, it automatically identifies your water-usage trends and builds your unique profile. If any water consumption seems irregular, you’ll be alerted and, wherever you are, you’ll be able to turn your water on or off in seconds.


Welcome to the complete smart home

These days, smart technology lets you automate everything from your lights and thermostat to your home security system, so why not your water?


Control and monitor your water from anywhere

Now, for the first time ever, you can access, monitor, and manage your home’s water usage from your smartphone using Homebeaver.


What is it?

Homebeaver is an innovative new automation system that lets you control your home's water from anywhere.


What does it do?

Homebeaver taps into the ebb and flow of your home’s water system, collects data, discovers your patterns, and creates a water profile that’s uniquely you.


How does it work?

With the help of a flow meter, Homebeaver listens to the water as it moves throughout your house and starts to recognize patterns in consumption. It quickly learns your water usage habits in order to build an up-to-date profile, and protect you and your home. If anything seems out of the ordinary, you will be alerted, giving you the power to do something about it.


Tap in to your water profile

A family of four, a university student, a grandmother, a cottage, an office building, even your Airbnb guests, each one consumes water in a different way. That’s where Homebeaver comes in. By reading the rate and frequency of flow, Homebeaver is able to form a unique water profile. It’s kind of like a water fingerprint. Once established, your profile will act as the benchmark. You can access your profile any time and see where and how you can conserve water. Any change, and you’ll be alerted instantly so you can act instantly. If you can’t respond soon enough, Homebeaver will take action to protect your home.

React in Real-Time.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people going on vacation only to return home to a flooded house. With Homebeaver, you have direct access to your home’s water supply from anywhere, so those horror stories never become your reality. Any change in your regular water usage and you’ll receive an alert to your smartphone in real-time. You’ll not only know exactly what’s happening from thousands of miles away, you’ll be able to stop it before the damage is done. And with water damage accounting for most insurance claims, it’s nice to know you have the power to prevent it. With Homebeaver, you’re always protected and in control of your water, no matter where you are in the world.

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Knowledge is power to take action

Most people don’t think twice about the water they use on a daily basis. But with Homebeaver, you’ll be able to see it. Just like you would manage your heating and your lights, now you can control your water usage down to the last drop, transforming your home into the complete smart home. There’s no guesswork. Homebeaver gives you the knowledge to manage and change your consumption, saving you money and decreasing your impact on the environment.

Security Security
Security Security

Peace of mind from your pocket

Every water profile tells a story. Your mom who lives alone does her dishes every night, your son at university doesn’t do dishes at all. But what if one night your mom didn’t do her dishes? Maybe she decided to go out. Or maybe she slipped and fell. With the power to link multiple devices to one account, you’ll have the real-time information you need to keep your family safe.  


Getting started

With the help of a certified plumber, Homebeaver installation is easy. Simply connect the device to your main water system, look for it on your wifi network, and login. It’s that easy. After all, something that’s supposed to improve your life shouldn’t start off with a hassle.


The app

The Homebeaver app makes it possible to monitor and control your water from anywhere. Any inconsistency in your profile and you’ll be alerted in real-time. Stop a minor leak before it becomes major, or simply check in with family when the app tells you something’s not right. Convenience, comfort, and control are all in the palm of your hand.

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Family of Homebeavers

The Homebeaver app makes it easy to add multiple devices to one account so whether you use it personally, to check on family members and family homes, or you use it professionally, to oversee multiple rental properties, help manage strata, or protect your business, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re always connected.

It just works

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your life, just plug it in and watch your profile take shape. Constantly gathering information behind the scenes, Homebeaver programs itself. You won’t even know it’s there, unless there’s ever an issue. So your home gets smarter, and your life gets easier.

Aerospace technology

To engineer the best possible product, we've put together the best possible team from around the world to develop the Homebeaver.  With over 40 years of engineering experience, the Homebeaver team delivers an unmatched level of expertise and quality craftsmanship. The result -  a professional grade, wirelessly controlled electrovalve that calculates the flow of water through your home, and turns your water supply on and off. It’s the same technology used in high-speed trains, jet-fuelled planes, and gas pumps. It’s top-of-the line because it has to be.

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To engineer the best possible product, we put together the best possible team from around the world to co-develop Homebeaver.

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